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Reservations & Terms of Use

What time is check-in/check-out?

Customers can check in from 4pm to 8pm. Costumers will need to ensure they are checked out by 12 noon on the day of departure.

Can I move up my check-in time?

Up until check-in, we are cleaning and setting up the accommodation for your comfort. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please wait until 16:00.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes, 30% of your total amount will be charged from 14 days prior to your stay, 50% from 7 days prior to your stay, and 100% from 3 days prior to your stay.

Will there be a cancellation fee if a typhoon or natural disaster prevents me from going?

We do not charge a cancellation fee in the event of a typhoon or any other natural disaster, which could make access to our facility unsafe.

Can I pay the room charge at the facility on the day of my stay?

Room charges can only be paid in advance through the reservation system or reservation website.
The payment methods are as follows;

Reservation system (RESERVA): Various credit cards are accepted.
(JCB/VISA/AMERICAN EXPRESS/Diners Club/Mastercard)

Reservation site: Please check each site.

What is Smart Check-in?

You can dispense with the reception desk by making your payment in advance at the time of reservation. From the information email you received beforehand, a URL will be supplied to you. If you open the link, you will be able to open and close the front door lock.
※ Currently, Smart Check-in is being introduced only in the villa type, so guests staying in the pavilion type and loghouse type are kindly requested to come to the administration building.

I do not have a device that supports Smart Check-in (a terminal that can browse the Internet, such as a smartphone). Can I still book a room?

You can. Please indicate so in the remarks column when you make a reservation.

Is there parking available?

Yes, please use the free parking lot on the premises.

Is there a day use plan?

We do not offer any plans regarding to day-use at this time.

Can I make inquiries by phone call?

We are operating with a minimum number of staff since we are aiming to build a system that allows accommodation with as little contact as possible due to the current Covid-19 countermeasures. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask that you contact us by e-mail as much as possible.
In addition, even if you make an inquiry to from the company profile, the staff members answering the phone may not be able to answer your question since their correspondence works are different. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
We will send an email to guests by the day before their stay, informing them of the "Smart Check-in System" and the "Dedicated Dial" during their stay. If you have set your spam mail settings, please make sure to set your mail settings so that you can receive emails from

What age does your hotel accept guests?

We do not have an age limit. However, during the summer, there are many insects that live only in the mountains, thus insect repellent might be necessary. We have prepared some in the rooms, but we ask that small children and those with sensitive skin take their own insect repellant measures.

Can I have a Bonfire?

Yes, you can.
When using the fire pit in the loghouse type, please do not remove the fireproof mats (fire pit sheets) provided when having a BBQ or bonfire. Also, please be careful not to put a large amount of firewood into the fire pit, which may cause the fire to spread to the top. If you suspect any danger, please feel free to use the fire extinguisher that is always available.

Do you sell firewood for bonfires?

We have prepared them in the garden, so please feel free to use it.

Will the accommodation fee change if the number of guests changes?

Our prices are based on a single room rate, so the amount will remain the same regardless of the number of guests staying.

About the room

Can I pitch a tent in the private garden?

We apologize, but please do not pitch tents.

Are there any other amenities or supplies other than those listed?

We have deodorant spray, alcohol spray, alcohol sanitizer, insect repellent spray, insecticide, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, vinyl gloves, tissue paper, wet wipes, kitchen paper towels, paper towels.

Is there air conditioning?

The villa type and pavilion type are equipped with air conditioning in all rooms.
The loghouse type features ceiling fans in the summer and heaters in the winter.

Are there bathrooms and toilets?

The villa type and loghouse type have a unit bath, and pavilion-type has a shower room.
All rooms are equipped with toilets.

How many beds are in the room?

All rooms have mattresses.
Villa SAKURA and Villa KEYAKI (with loft): 3 Queen beds
Villa KAEDE and Villa HIIRAGI (one-story): 1 Queen, 1 Semi-double, 1 Single bed
Pavilion KUNUGI: 3 Queen beds
Loghouse CASA: 2 Single beds, 2 Double beds

Is Wi-Fi available?

All rooms are fully equipped with Wi-Fi.

Are the pet-friendly rooms for only those who are with pets?

The villa-type SAKURA and the pavilion-type KUNUGI are designed to accommodate guests with dogs, but you do not have to bring your dog to stay with you. However, guests who do not like dogs, are sensitive to smells, or have allergies should refrain from staying in villa-type SAKURA. We clean the room as thorough as possible, but there still might be a possibility that guests might have a reaction.

What is a fire pit?

It is a pit that allows BBQ and bonfires.

Do you provide seasoning?

Yes, we provide salt, pepper, soy sauce, and oil free of charge.

Do you have tableware and cups?

We have tableware for indoor use and BBQ use. We also have a variety of glasses for indoor use.

What cooking utensils are available?

We have a frying pan set, pots, cutting board, kitchen knife, colander, bowl, kitchen utensils, kitchen scissors, wine opener, grater, and vegetable drainer.

What BBQ facilities and equipment are available?

We provide tents, garden parasols, desks, chairs, fire pits, charcoal (up to 6 kg per day), firewood, BBQ sheets, tongs (for charcoal and food), garbage bags, grill lighters, igniters, fire extinguishing sprays, fire blankets and lanterns.

Can we still BBQ in the rain?

We have tents and garden parasols set up in the garden, so you can enjoy BBQ even in the rain. However, please note that they are not designed to completely protect you from rain, and you may get wet if it rains heavily.

What are the specific sizes of the private garden?

The size of the private garden for each room is as follows
Villa SAKURA: Effective area: approx. 71.75 m² (Exclusive area: approx. 86.53m²)
Villa KAEDE: Effective area: approx. 50.63 m² (Exclusive area: approx. 128.27m²)
Villa KEYAKI: Effective area: approx. 41.98 m² (Exclusive area: approx. 56.96m²)
Villa HIIRAGI: Effective area: approx. 73.35 m² (Exclusive area: approx. 119.43m²)

About the meal

Can I order meals?

We are currently in the process of preparing food. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask our guests to bring their own food until we are capable of serving you.

Is there a sundry store?

Yes, the following items are available for purchase at the reception desk. If you forget to buy something, please use our shop.
Beverages can be ordered at the time of reservation from the "Additional Options" menu. Beverages ordered in advance will be prepared in the refrigerator in your room.
Draft beer server (Kirin Ichiban Shibori 3L)
Bottled beer (Heartland 330ml or 500ml)
Bottled juice (Coca-Cola, Bireley's Orange, Wilkinson Ginger Ale)
Instant noodles
Retort-pouch rice
Retort-pouch curry
Sauce for grilled meat

Is there a charge for bringing in food and beverages?

No, there is no charge.

What is a draft beer server (TAPPY)?

We have a draft beer server in each room with the cooperation of Kirin Beer.
If you place an order at the time of reservation, you can enjoy cold draft beer in your room at any time.

What kind of beer is on the draft beer server (TAPPY)?

It is Kirin Ichiban Shibori.

Can I order a draft beer server (TAPPY) on the day of my stay?

It takes half a day for the machine and beer to cool down, thus please order beforehand so that you can enjoy cold and fresh draft beer.

Can I take the leftover draft beer home with me?

Kegs of draft beer are exclusively for TAPPY; therefore, you will only be able to drink during your stay.
There is only a 3L capacity.

About pets

Do you have rooms where I can stay with dogs?

Yes, Villa SAKURA and Pavilion KUNUGI are available.
There are no rooms where dogs are not allowed to come in. However, if you wish to bring your dog inside after playing outdoors, please make sure to wash their paws so that they do not get dirt on the furniture and bedding inside the rooms.

Is there an additional charge for the carriage of my dog?

No, there is no extra charge.

Is there a dog run?

Yes, Villa SAKURA and Villa HIIRAGI have a private fenced yard, which can be used as a dog run.

What are the precautions and rules for staying with dogs?

We have a separate "Requirements and Terms of Use for Accommodation of Dogs", so please refer to it for details before your registration.

Do you have equipment for dogs?

We have one set of food bowls and dog mats (for medium-sized dogs).


Can we have fireworks?

Only hand-held fireworks are allowed in designated areas.
If you are not in the designated area, there is a risk of wildfire.
Please be considerate so as not to cause danger or inconvenience to other guests and neighbors.

Is there a convenience store or supermarket nearby?

There is a "Nakazawa Shoten" about a 1-minute drive or 6-minute walk away. They have a wide selection of local foods and original products. We recommend you to stop by for souvenirs and other items. Please note, however, that their hours of operation are limited. For detailed information on business hours, please visit "nakazawa2211" on Instagram.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not allowed indoors, but permitted outdoors. Ashtrays are provided outside each room. However, littering cigarettes can cause wildfires, so please refrain from doing so. We kindly ask for your cooperation in observing proper etiquette and consideration for others to ensure a pleasant stay for everyone.

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