Forest Retreat

What is a Forest Retreat

We believe that many people have been feeling stressed and high anxiety by the rapidly
changing lifestyles over the recent years.

Under these circumstances, we created the "Forest Retreat" in the hopes of providing a place
where people can heal their minds and bodies in a space away from their daily routines.

Focusing on these concepts of “feeling nature,” “releasing stress,” and “taking care of one's
physical and mental health,” we provide a place where as many people as possible can enjoy a
relaxing and healing experience.


Yoshiwa, Hatsukaichi City, Japan

  • Foresta di luce
  • Foresta di luce

Foresta di luce, meaning “Forest of Light” in Italian, is located in the western part of Hiroshima Prefecture, surrounded by beautiful lush greenery.

The sunlight shining through the trees, the murmuring of the mountain streams, and the peaceful chirping of birds will surely relieve and soothe away your daily fatigue.

Room Types

  • villa


    The wooden villas are completely private and blend in with their natural surroundings. Each building has two rooms, and the center of the building divides each room from the others. The exterior walls are made of clay, creating a nostalgic yet innovative atmosphere, while the private garden connected to the LDK creates an open space. The private garden can also be used as a private dog run.

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  • pavilion


    The pavilions are individual lodging structures made of wood with distinctive triangular roofs. Guests can spend time on the outdoor deck no matter the weather thanks to the roof's integration with the exterior wall, which extends both indoors and outside. The pavilion is a place where you can both relax indoors and spend time outdoors.

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About Food Ingredients

  • モーニング
  • ディナー
  • 持込自由

Yoshiwa is a town rich in nature located in the western part of Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture.
Wasabi, a Japanese horseradish is also cultivated here, and the clean fresh water
from the nearby river allows for the growth of abalone mushrooms, maitake mushrooms, spinach, and rice.
The fish from the river yamame, a landlocked salmon, is also famous.
In recent years, strawberries and rhubarb have also been cultivated.

We aim to provide carefully selected ingredients with a focus on the peace of mind
that comes from knowing the producers with the cooperation from local farmers
and neighboring areas so that everyone can enjoy the fresh and seasonal ingredients.
Good food makes people smile, feel at ease, and enriches people.
We hope you will enjoy the food produced here in the rich land.

※For more details about the ingredients provided, please check our reservation site or Instagram.


  • Foresta di Luce:
    983-2 Yoshiwa Aza Hosoibara, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture

  • Take the JR Sanyo Main Line, get off at the Miyauchi-Kushido Station.
    From there, take the bus bound for Yoshiwa about 60-minute ride, get off at the Hosoiwara Bus Stop, and from there it's a 6-minute walk.
  • Driving information to the facility
  • From Hiroshima or Okayama area

    : Approximately 45 minutes from the Hiroshima IC to the Yoshiwa IC on the Sanyo Expressway to the Chugoku Expressway

    : Approximately 150 minutes from the Okayama IC to the Yoshiwa IC on the Sanyo Expressway to Chugoku Expressway

    From Yamaguchi or Kyushu area

    : Approximately 70 minutes from the Yamaguchi IC to the Yoshiwa IC on the Chugoku Expressway

    : Approximately 180 minutes from the Fukuoka IC to the Yoshiwa IC on the Kyusyu Expressway to the Chugoku Expressway

    Exit at the Yoshiwa IC, turn right at the traffic light, turn left at the next traffic light, and follow the road diagonally to the right at the "Seseragi no Sato" sign about 300 meters ahead and you will see a sign for our facility.

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